Eden Block Backs DeepCloud AI

In our quest towards building the foundations of our decentralized future, we commit ourselves to work across industries with exceptional blockchain companies. Companies developing complementary applications that will further the usability, scalability, functionality, and security of current distributed ledger technologies. Today, we announce our official support to one such exceptional company, DeepCloud AI.

DeepCloud AI is building a powerful AI-driven, decentralized cloud computing platform for running decentralized applications — IoT and Web 3.0 dApps. In a world where these are not merely trends in the making, the DeepCloud AI platform will serve as a fully functional marketplace enabling companies and individuals to share their excess capacity. DeepCloud AI integrates machine learning elements to optimize the matching process between client and provider so as to ensure that clients always receive computation power optimized for their specific requirements.

Eden Block understands the potential that DeepCloud AI reflects, in the project’s ability to become one of the first facilitators of true usage and adoption across the decentralised ecosystem.

Consequently to the announcement of the partnership with DeepCloud AI, Eden Block President Lior Messika will join DeepCloud AI’s advisory board. Lior will be working with the executive team on a multiplicity of elements adhering to strategic infrastructure.

Max Rye, CEO of DeepCloud AI shared his thoughts on this decisive partnership:

“DeepCloud AI’s business approach has been to make sure that from the ground up we build partnerships that are meaningful and build real trust within the blockchain community. Eden Block has been instrumental in helping cultivate and communicate our project to the community. As a seasoned CEO, I understand the value of having a highly credible team working with us to get the proper message out.”

Noam Levenson, Vice President of Eden Block states:

“DeepCloud AI’s novel AI matching algorithm, its heavy focus on matching optimization, and its applicability with FOG and Edge computing sets it clearly apart from the other cloud computing platforms in development. In recognition of DeepCloud’s meaningful vision, Eden Block is dedicated towards providing its diverse suite of support and advisory services to ensure that DeepCloud AI fulfills its full potential,”

Eden Block is pleased to announce complete backing and support of DeepCloud AI and its efforts, and will work towards maximising reach and success through strategy, research, and transparency.



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Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, merely our opinion and analysis on the project. Do your own research.

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