Excellence through diligence

Eden Labs is an independent, objective research and development group specializing in distributed ledger technologies. Our reports strike the perfect balance between research objectivity, comprehensiveness, and technical understanding. At Eden Labs, we support the development of the industry at large via consultation, and proliferate the essential voice and influence of Eden Block and its partners across publications.


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A platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people, to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

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A protocol that enables independent blockchains to exchange information effortlessly through relay chains.

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A blockchain network that enables private and public organizations to federate, scale, and spoke through a central hub.

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A new kind of digital advertising platform, bridging the gap between users, advertisers, and publishers, to create a data market.

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A distributed ledger focused on safety, efficiency, and low transaction costs built around service-chain architecture.

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A framework for creating entirely trustworthy smart contracts via modular mathematical proofs.

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Diligence reports

Premium standard reports

Eden Labs reports are the premier research and analysis reports in the industry, analyzing companies, funds, and industries from a variety of key aspects, ultimately providing a holistic, comprehensive, and understandable format that is qualitative, informative, and responsible.

Blockchain company report

  • In-depth technical review
  • Competition analysis
  • Advanced due diligence


Deliverable in 1 week

Investment fund report

  • Fund history analysis
  • Fund structure & reputation insights
  • Valuable assets & partners


Deliverable in 1 week

Industry report

  • Adoption applications
  • Leading blockchain companies
  • Enterprise adoption use cases


Deliverable in 1 week

Prices available upon consultation. Contact us at labs@edenblock.com


Knowledge is power

Eden Labs research provides the foundation of knowledge for all industry participants. The research is customized in accordance with the specific requirements and needs of the client and adheres to the strictest quality standard. Whether you are a fund looking for insights into project ecosystems, a project looking for evaluation into competition, or an investor looking for a verifiable edge, Eden Labs research is applicable to all. Each report addresses the unique needs of the client. Some example research topics include:

Ecosystem reviews
It is extremely advantageous for both investors and projects to understand the scope of their respective ecosystem. Eden Labs research provides a holistic and comprehensive overview of the existing projects and solutions in development, their similarities and difference, and important relevant developmental considerations.
Technical solutions
Developing projects face significant questions regarding which technical solutions they should adopt. Whether a project is exploring which DLT platform offers the best support, or the most effective key management solutions, encryption methods, or decentralized communication protocols, Eden Labs research provides the necessary information to make an educated decision.
Industry reviews
Blockchain projects are always in competition with existing solutions. Ultimately, disruptive projects must entirely understand the scope of their targeted industry and the actors within. Eden Labs industry reviews provide an extensive overview of the respective industry, its specific challenges, and the established actors, so that projects can focus on what they do best: development.

Timeline depends on research specifications, free 30 minute consultation call.  Contact us at labs@edenblock.com

Project Management

Worry-free implementations

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies offer significant advantages for a variety of business use cases. Whether the goal is to streamline supply chain management, manage databases, enable automated auditing, or increase product transparency, Eden Labs has the tools to assist companies in the development and implementation of technical blockchain solutions. The Eden Labs end to end implementation service ensures that companies receive a worry-free solution specifically tailored to their unique enterprise or business needs.

Timeline depends on research specifications, free 30 minute consultation call.  Contact us at labs@edenblock.com