Eden Labs Announces New Partnerships


Eden Labs is very excited to announce several new partnerships, tied to our dedication in providing the most objective, research-backed, analytical content to serve every aspect of the DLT industry. We maintain the goal of creating a prolific and quality network of content platforms and partnerships in order to proliferate content, combine resources, share networks, and create a powerful and beneficial platform for the betterment of the community. As such, Eden Labs holds its partner platforms to the highest quality standards, ensuring that all partners meet strict quality and value criteria, and that they maintain a clear dedication towards reputable, educational content.

Moving forward, Eden Labs is proud to announce the addition of three platforms to our content platform.  Through this network, Eden Labs will share content, collaborate on research, engage across channels, and create a mutually beneficial network for our partners. Our esteemed partners are the first crucial relationships in a network that will provide the highest quality resources for all members of the community.

The first three members of our network include:

Coin Savage

“Coin Savage is proud to partner with Eden Block, a respected leader in the crypto space. Our goal is to bring trust and transparency to this emerging asset class. Our platform delivers quality analysis and expertise, vetted by our performance-based Expert leaderboard. Only the best rise to the top. Eden Block provides quality products to the market and we are excited to be working with them.” – The Coin Savage Team

Eden Labs is partnering with Coin Savage because of their impressive commitment to truth and integrity, as demonstrated by their quality content and comprehensive leaderboard. The Coin Savage leaderboard allows readers to track the portfolio performance of various industry experts – an important consideration for the community when deciding who is and isn’t credible.  Coin Savage and Eden Labs’ partnership is built on a foundation of educational content and a dedication towards providing resources to the community.


“Cryptosomniac is excited to announce our official media partnership with Eden Block. We love the quality of their reporting and the thoroughness of their research, and celebrate the fact they operate in a transparent and ethical manner. We believe the quality of their work will help mainstream adoption and look forward to working together with them to help discover the best and most legitimate projects currently existing or coming to market, and update crypto community. The Cryptosomniac community will be able to access Eden Block reports and write-ups directly from cryptosomniac.com in the very near future, stay tuned for more details!” – The Cryptosomniac Team

Eden Labs is partnering with CryptoSomniac in order to contribute to their top-rate community. CryptoSomniac’s multimedia approach across an array of platforms coupled with user-friendly features and active community engagement make them one of the leading publications in the industry. Along with Cryptosomniac, Eden Labs will collaborate on providing comprehensive content to the Cryptosomniac followers.

Alts Report

“There are too many communities trying to push specific coins and attempting to manipulate prices. We are looking to provide the sources for self-education and guide people through ‘the crypto space.’ Our primary goal is to educate the masses and increase the total market cap, and then allow the general public to select high-quality projects on their own analysis.” – Alts Report Team

Eden Labs is excited to partner with Alts Report in order to contribute high-quality content to their education-centered content platform. Alts Reports has frequently collaborated with industry leaders, a strong demonstration of their commitment to providing a quality source for their readers.



Moving forward, Eden Labs content will be published regularly on the publications listed above in order to provide and proliferate quality content to their readers. In addition, Eden Labs will be looking to collaborate extensively with its network of partners to continue producing thought-provoking and educational content.

“We at Eden Labs are proud to partner with platforms and influencers who align with our stringent values of research-backed due diligence, and quality, reputable content. By aligning ourselves with Alts Report, Cryptosomniac, and Coin Savage, Eden Labs lays the foundation for a truly ubiquitous, collaborative network of profound DLT thought leaders.” – Noam Levenson, CEO of Eden Labs


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