Partnership with CCx News

We are excited to add CCx News to our growing network of DLT Publication Partners. Eden Labs’ dedication lies in providing the most objective, research-backed, analytical content to serve every aspect of the DLT industry. Doing so, we maintain the goal of creating a prolific and quality network of content platforms and partnerships in order to proliferate content, combine resources, share networks, and create a powerful and beneficial platform for the betterment of the community. As such, Eden Labs holds its partner platforms to the highest quality standards, ensuring that all partners meet strict quality and value criteria and that they maintain a clear dedication towards reputable, educational content.

Eden Labs is partnering with CCXNews because of their commitment to reputable news and comprehensive, quality content. The CCXNews and Eden Labs’ partnership is built on a foundation of insightful and educational content, dedicated to enriching the community. This partnership demonstrates CCX News’ commitment to further strengthening the foundation of the decentralized ledger technologies industry.

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