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Eden Block is a global leader in the space of distributed ledger technologies, working across industries with blockchain companies, enterprises, and educational institutions.

About Us

Global leadership in the space of distributed ledger technologies

Eden Block works across industries with blockchain companies, enterprise, and educational institutions. We are committed to enriching the blockchain industry across a uniquely broad spectrum including early stage private equity investments and advisory, comprehensive research and consultation, educational programs, and end-to-end marketing and public relations.

End-to-end advisory

Comprehensive, extensive support to breakthrough blockchain companies, including early-stage funding, advisory, commercial roll-out logistics, and more.

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Stringent due diligence

Independent, objective research on distributed ledger technologies, including exhaustive analysis on blockchain companies, industries, and funds, blockchain adoption research, and more.

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Blockchain education for all

The most comprehensive educational content offering on blockchain for enterprise, universities, and private investors, aimed to bridging the knowledge gap.

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Marketing & PR

Complete, end-to-end solution for blockchain companies, focused on bringing the best out of every project under the highest quality industry standards.

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