Building the foundations of the future. 
A global leader in the space of distributed ledger technologies, Eden Block is committed to enriching this nascent industry across a uniquely broad spectrum. We work across industries with blockchain companies, existing enterprises, and we educate passionately.

What we do

Eden Block is composed of four sub-structures that powerfully encompass the entire blockchain industry.

Eden Block Capital

Our private equity firm that will open its doors to public capital this year, including Eden Block’s in-depth analytics, voice, and reputation to support transformative projects.

Eden Labs

Our independent, objective, and specialised research group carrying out a comprehensive due diligence process that ties into EBC’s decision-making process and consultation.


Our educational initiative aimed to bring the necessary tools for a healthier transition and acceptance of blockchain to enterprise, investors, and universities.

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Eden Echo

Our marketing and public relations firm offering a complete end-to-end marketing solution for blockchain projects.